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The Namibian Lives Matter (NLM) has criticized the Inspector General of the Namibian Police for practicing selective morality by condemning the shooting of a Namibian by Angolan officers ‘and saying little about the killing of Namibians along the Chobe river a few months ago’.

“When the Inspector General of NAMPOL said he was going to ‘DEMAND’ prosecution of Angolan officers who killed Shatipamba Nangolo, he was acting on behalf of government and voiced his stance against this act, which he called brutal.”

“Yet the same person has never issued such a statement against the shootings of the three slain fishermen in the Chobe River and their cousin last year November,” said Sinvula Mudabeti, chairperson of the movement.

Print media quotes him saying, ““I will write to my Angolan counterpart to ensure that the police officers are properly prosecuted in accordance to their law. This is a serious crime of murder; hence, the authority should deal with the officers.”

However, Mudabeti said the question that seeks answers is “the fact that why the Inspector General of NAMPOL is being so vocal against a crime committed by the Angolan Police.”

“And yet when three innocent Zambezi residents and their cousin were captured, assaulted and murdered by trigger happy Botswana Defence he did not DEMAND prosecution of such a brutal act of war.”

“Why did the Inspector General not issue such demands against BDF? Why did the Inspector General not call the death of those three innocent Namibians and their cousin brutal? The death of a resident of Zambezi should be treated the same way as that of another Namibian who lives elsewhere!”

Julia Heita

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