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… the father says his daughter is on drugs
Police inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga said he has asked the police to look into the case of a girl who alleges that her father abused her brother.
Tatyana Nujoma, 26, has been circulating audios and videos on social medial alleging that her father John Nangolo Nujoma abused her brother.
Ndeitunga told Eagle FM Sunday that he had asked several units among them the woman and child protection unit to look into the allegations.
Nangolo Nujoma said if what his daughter is alleging is true, they should come out of hiding and present the boy to the police and if there are any signs of abuse, the police can act against him.
The father also said that he had to open a case of kidnapping against his ex-wife and daughter after they failed to come to the police so that they could discuss the issue of the boy.
In the widely circulated audios, Tatyana says her father took the brother away even though her mother has custody.
She also claims that her father was using the boy for witchcraft purposes.
“My father is very rich. He has flats in a complex where he stays,” she told Eagle FM on Sunday.
She said that the last time she stayed with her father was in 2017 after they had fallen out in 2013.
In 2017, they sorted out the differences and she came to stay with him. During that time, the father would allow her to drive one of his cars, but they then fell out again and she left.
Tatyana, a mother of two, claims that she has been reached out to the Office of the Ombudsman and the ACC but did not get any help because her father is a Nujoma.
She also claimed that she feared for her life and that the police are looking for her and her mother.
Eagle FM spoke to the ombudsman John Walters who said he was not aware of the case since he is in isolation.
Nangolo Nujoma, however, said that the founding president is his uncle but has nothing to do with what his daughter was alleging.
“If I were bribing the police, they could not have taken this long to resolve the matter. I have now started working with a lawyer. On Monday, I am going back to the police again,” he said.
He said Tatyana is on drugs and was at one time arrested when she was found with drugs hidden on her baby.
The father further said Tatyana disappointed him so much when she started taking drugs, drinking, and clubbing.
He also said he agreed to take Tatyana back in 2017 hoping that she had reformed only to find out that nothing had changed.
“I gave her a car when she came back but she could not drop off her brother to school because she would never sleep home,” Nangolo Nujoma said.
According to Nangolo Nujoma, he allowed Tatyana and her mother Bianca Buys to stay in one of his houses where he would pay for water and electricity as well as give them money for food.
He said Tatyana and her mother’s whereabouts are not known since they moved from the house.
Although Tatyana claims that her father is corrupt, Nangolo Nujoma said all his business are legit. He said he has businesses in Zambia too.
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