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He was a towering politician of repute.
A colossus of the genocide cause that brought the motion in parliament for the Germans to pay for the heinous holocaust on the OvaHerero and Nama at the ushering in of the 20th Century.
It was a watershed motion that would bring all political parties under one roof but later created the unforeseen tragedy of divisions on how best to approach the Germans, and who would receive the reparations which would directly benefit who.
And although he went on to lead the opposition National Unity Democratic Organisation, the late Chief Kuaima Riruako appealed to all sides of the political divide.
At his death, he earned the praise of the speaker of the national assembly, professor Peter Katjavivi, President Hifikepunye Pohamba and many more.
Tomorrow, the 2nd of June 2021, as the nation pays homage to his illustrious political career and life, Namibia finds herself at cross-roads on which way to go along the thorny and emotive path of the genocide.
To accept or not to accept the deal?
It is one deal that has been forged onto paper by the Dr. Zed Ngavirue-led team and submitted to President Hage Geingob.
The deal itself has left a nasty taste in the mouths of many.
While government seems to have welcomed it, it has been pushed through with an official recognition of the genocide by the Germans after years of denialism and an impending apology.
But the million dollar question is, would Riruako have welcomed the deal had he been alive, is the N$18.4 billion sum from the Germans the right amount he would accept, would he consent to the prevailing of a government led outcome, and lastly, would he be in a position to accept the apology from the Germany president?
How will Namibians remember chief Riruako in light of the latest chess-pieces that have so dramatically moved along the chess-board that spans from last week Friday the 29th until this day?
Eagle FM will be airing the views of those that were close to the chief and right at the heart of the genocide storm from the very first day of the motion.
Tune in on the Early Morning Scoop with Kelvin.

Julia Heita

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