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The ministry of health has denied any wrong-doing in the matter in which a stillborn baby was allegedly returned to the mother for burial.
A video circulating on social media alleges that the ministry handed over the stillborn baby in a box and instructed the parents to bury it themselves.
The video caused an uproar of social media, with many calling out the ministry for alleged inhumane treatment of the incident.
Health ministry Executive Director Ben Nangombe has however countered that the version expressed in the video footage is not a true reflection of what actually transpired.
He said the ministry complied with the legal provision regarding the handling of human remains.
Nangombe said that if a family is unable to conduct a funeral, provisions are made to conduct a “pauper’s burial” which is provided for in the bylaws of the local authorities.
“Handing out human remains in a carton box is at variance with the established practice of the Ministry and the legal requirements for proper handling of human remains,” he said.

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