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The Namibia Cabin Crew Union (NCCU) at Air Namibia has said that it will officially cease to exist as a union ahead of an expected court decision to liquidate the airline today.
This has been confirmed by NCCU president Reginald Kock in their last press statement issued this afternoon.
In it they have accused some unnamed cabinet ministers for being liars and “unrehabilitated spin-doctors”.
He said the union will no more be existing because there will not be any members to represent as they will be no longer there.
Kock has said that while government has promised to pay one-year salaries for the workers, Air Namibia employees working in other countries have been kept in the dark about it.
He said labelled the airline’s top leadership as “executive delinquents” who will easily find new jobs and never held to account for the failures at Air Namibia.
“Whether liquidation was the right move is neither here nor there at this juncture, but what is clear is that Cabinet decided to forge ahead with the liquidation process. It is clear that there was a strong conviction to close down the company from as early as last year by any means, even going as far as lying that unions were informed about the decision to liquidate in July/August last year and/or they should have known. But we are not surprised because some are convincing and unrehabilitated spin-doctors,” said Kock.
He added, “It hurts that innocent employees who had nothing to do with the mismanagement, corruption, financial incompetence and malfeasance at the company must bear the most brutal brunt from the liquidation and pay with their jobs and livelihoods.
“These were breadwinners, single parents, people who had dependents and children to support who are out on the street and as usual, the executive management delinquents will not be held to account for collapsing Air Namibia and holding accountability and good corporate governance to ransom, in cahoots with certain politicians. It will be easy for the executive delinquents to get other jobs compared to the lowly skilled workers.”
As the NCCU bids its goodbye, Kock said their aim now is to secure all the monies owed to their members by Air Namibia and making sure they are not left at the wayside in this liquidation process.

Julia Heita

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