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By: Nghiinomenwa Erastus

On its journey to attract consumers to buy local-grown fresh produce, the Namibia Agronomic Board will subsidise retailers for eye-catching local produce displays.

The board announced in a statement placed on its website.

The board explained that as part of its effort to effectively promote the sales of locally produced fruits and vegetables in the country, it has partnered up with the Namibia Association of Traders on Fresh Produce (NATFP).

The partnership is to implement the eye-catching display of Namibian fresh produced products in all shops all over the country.

“This was aimed at guiding our consumers to spot local-grown produces on the shelves when shopping and subsequently promote the sales of locally fresh produces in the country,” the board wrote.

For the NAB to encourage traders and fast-tract the project’s implementation process, “all NATFP members are subsidised for the purchasing of the standard eye-catching signage,” stated the board.

The subsidy entails the NAB paying the total cost of one shop, per trader and if such a trader has more shops, the NAB will only pay N$ 1000 per shop.

Namibian fresh produce traders took notice of the request, and a total of 59 orders have been received and subsidised by the NAB to date, with more orders expected before the end of November 2021.

All shops that are already implementing their eye-catching signage are permitted to continue using such signage for a maximum period of six (6) months.

After which, they are expected to replace the signage with the approved standard signage by March 2022.

To further enhance governance and ensure compliance to this requirement, the NAB’s Standard Compliance Inspectors will commence with the inspection of shops from effective 01 December 2021.

Non-compliant shops will be subjected to punitive measures stipulated in the existing Market Share Promotion rules and procedures.

The eye-catching display of the local fresh produce initiative was introduced in 2012 by NAB.

However, the board explained that its implementation by traders has been slow, and it has lacked uniformity (each store used its signage to guide consumers).

In some instances, the consumers get confused and unable to locate fresh Namibian produce on the shelves.

Therefore, through collective efforts by the NAB and the NATFP, standard signage was developed and approved by the NAB board for implementation by all shops countrywide.

NAB promotes the agronomic and horticulture industry and facilitates the production, processing, storage, and marketing of controlled products in Namibia.


Julia Heita

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