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By: Justicia Shipena 

The chief forecaster at the Namibia meteorological service, Odillo Kgobetsi, warns of another storm predicted to begin today in the eastern parts of Namibia.

This comes as Gobabis last week suffered a rainstorm, accompanied by hail last Saturday and damaged a well-known bull statue at the town entrance.

According to him, some storms will reoccur over the eastern part. 

Kgobetsi said they observed a primary deep low-pressure system west of the land. 

“This normally results in tropical moisture drifting further into the country’s interior. Therefore we could see a lot of convergence over the eastern border of Namibia straying from Omaheke towards the areas of the South East and further in eastern parts of Otjozondjupa,” he said. 

He added that there would be an extension of the rafts to reach the Oshikoto. 

“So, we also report over Oshikoto that about 2mm of rain and reports of distractions over the parts of Oshikoto and omaheke. We also pick a reoccurrence of rainstorms taking place.” 

Kgobetsi stated that these conditions would continue, and strong winds are expected. 

“By tomorrow, the picture will change slightly, and the winds will worse stalling and more of a zonal flow and brings on coolness and furthers drifts of the system into Botswana.” 

He said there would also be a bit of clearance from the west over the southwest. 

“The moisture will then drift towards the side of Zambezi and Kavango, and therefore within the next 48 hours, mainly over the part of Zambezi, we should expect heavy falls,” he said.

 These conditions will continue, and strong winds are expected.” 

However, he said they also expect dryness to be slow in the west and south and parts of the central from tomorrow into the weekend. 

“It will be merely clear conditions and thunderstorms in Zambezi and Kavango in the Christmas weekend. We expect dryness to be slow in the west and south and parts of the central from tomorrow into the weekend,” he said.

He expressed that thunderstorms will occur in Zambezi and Kavango over the Christmas weekend.

In the coastal, the temperatures remain in the mid-20s. 

“There will be a bit of cloudiness over the coastal areas and fog patches in the early mornings.” 

Moreover, there will be day breaks of cool breeze and sunny conditions. 

The primary rainfall season could expect a pick in rainfall in January and February. 

“In general, we expect a normal to above normal rainfall.”

Justicia Shipena

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