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Dr Iyaloo Nambuwa and her team of medical volunteers will provide general consultation services, have a mobile clinic on hand, include dental care and have added Covid-19 vaccination as part of the outreach for Saturday.

The times will be 09h00 to 13h00 from the Tulikwafeni Multipurpose Centre and from 14h00 up to 17h00 at the Shipena Kindergarten in the next location.

Nambuwa, who is the lead organiser of the foundation, noted that it is important that the chronic ailments and illnesses like high blood pressure do not go forgotten during the time of Covid-19.

“Because the medical centers are mostly overwhelmed with the emergency of the Covid-19 patients, people who have high blood pressure, women who require cervical cancer screening and other smaller necessities are being forgotten or cannot access the hospitals and medical centres,” she said.

In a previous discussion with Eagle FM, Dr Nambuwa added that the biggest demand coming from the informal settlement areas in WIndhoek, during their first outreach exercise, had seen a large request from people for medication. Most of these residents had indicated to her that their medication for various ailments had finished.

Asked on whether the team for Saturday would bring medication to the garden town, she replied with a confirmation.

“Yes, we will have medication. This is mostly what was left over from the donation that was done for the first outreach exercise in Windhoek.”

“We will also include Covid-19 vaccines this time. We could not procure this in time for the Windhoek session in July, as we were too late in requesting it,” Nambuwa said.
The inclusion for the vaccination is to take the fight against the pandemic to the informal settlements in the country. The doctor noted that this is a steady program that they are going to work on, and it is not going to be a rushed project as due to the restrictions that were in place in July had presented to them the difficulty in terms of moving out of the capitol.

The vaccine that is part of the trip is the Sinopharm vaccine.

Julia Heita

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