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A Swakopmund man died on the spot after an ex-boyfriend of her new girlfriend broke into their ghetto and stabbed each one of them more than 10 times.

The police said the incident happened in Mondesa on Saturday morning.

Police identified the dead man as Kamati Sylvanus Kamati aged 35.

The suspect aged 26 was arrested in the DRC location, Mondesa.

McLean Gawanas (25) was sleeping at home with her boyfriend when her ex-boyfriend broke in her ghetto and started assaulting and stabbing her with a knife.

When the boyfriend intervened and tried to stop the suspect from stabbing her, the suspect turned onto the deceased and stabbed him multiple times (more than 10 times) all over his body causing his death at the scene.

Gawanas then reported the matter to the owner of the house who rushed to the police and notified them of the stabbings.

She was taken to Swakopmund State hospital in a serious but stable condition

Armed Robbery


Armed robbers who hit Pupkewitz Mega Business at Walvis Bay on Saturday morning got away with N$ 943 616.84. in cash, two pistols: -38. special pistol and 32 Ruby Revolvers that belong to the security company.

They also took one Samsung A 10 cellphone that belonged to one of the guards and keys for a Nissan NP 300.

A total of N$28 616.84 was recovered in the Cash-in-Transit vehicle.

Police said five men, two armed with firearms attacked Southern Cross Security guards while they were busy loading the cash box they had collected from the business.

They also pointed a firearm at the driver, while the other suspects attacked and took two firearms from other security guards, one cellphone as well as the cash boxes in their possession.

The cash boxes had been picked up from seven different shops.

After the robbery, the men drove-off in a getaway white Volkswagen Polo, with a fake registration number and tinted windows.

Staff Writer

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