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The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) has asked the European Union (EU) to add Namibia on the Grey List Autocratizing Countries alongside Mauritius.

The party also wants Namibia placed on the Grey List of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for money laundering.

LPM say the Law Enforcement Agencies in Namibia have numerously failed to demonstrate the capacity to conduct money laundering investigations, including parallel financial investigations and complex cases.

Party spokesperson, Eneas Emvula said, “In a letter addressed to the President of the European Commission in Belgium, Ursula Von Der Leyen, the LPM also appealed to the EU to place Namibia under a watchful eye as the country’s democracy is fast backsliding under SWAPO’s autocratic rule, which is typical of most African liberation movements, post- independence.’’

‘’The letter, penned by LPM leader, Bernadus Swartbooi refers, in particular, to the series of events that transpired during the State of the Nation Address (SONA), on 15 April 2021, where there was a clear demonstration the absence of the separation of powers in how the Executive arm of government dominated the Arms of the State.’’

The party has also informed the EU about its leadership’s court case, the National Assembly fracas, the withdrawal of two other LPM members of the Upper House (National Council) as well as the Swapo party domination in the NA.

“The LPM turned to the courts for legal intervention but were denied justice because of a captured judiciary, where judges are not able to exercise their functions without fear, favour or prejudice.”

“This is demonstrated by how most judges are either SWAPO trained judicial officers, while independent judges only serve in acting capacities and live in fear of losing their lives or means of income should their judgments serve in the favour of the opposition.”

“Thus, the Judiciary of Namibia has lost its purpose to administer justice according to the law particularly when the ruling party is involved and constantly interfere with high profile cases. Lower level magistrates are persecuted and punished if they take decisions contrary to SWAPO’s agenda of complete control of the judiciary. As a consequence, seeking justice from Namibian courts has become futile,” Swartbooi lamented.

He further wrote, “The unabated moral decay of the SWAPO regime today has resulted in systemic pervasive corruption, a catalyst to the deterioration of the governance structures and state incapacity to transform lives and protect livelihoods.”

“Most notably, the absence of armed conflict and smooth transition of power in Namibia’s elections for years properly concealed the reality of the internal affairs of the country.”

Julia Heita

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