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By: Hellen Andreas

The Lilagati village has now been given David Nghipunduka as its headman whose inauguration occurred over the weekend.

In his acceptance speech, Nghipunduka said the community under his leadership should not only come with disputes but join hands in creating projects for job creation.

Ondonga King, Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo, and Oukwanyama Queen, Martha Kristain Mwadinhomo, joined the rest of the Ehafo and Iilagati community for the inauguration.

What the inauguration effectively means is that Nghipunduka will be chairing five villages comprising Iilagati, Onambango, Efolafo, Etaneno and Ehafo.

Nghipunduka replaced Johannes Shimwandi who was declared as unfit to carry on with his duties last year.

He further said that there are challenges of water resources in the area and is now waiting for proposals from his people on how best to solve them one by one.

He also urged the communities to invest their time on creating portal earth dams for water reserves that will be able to sustain the communities and livestock

Queen of Oukwanyama Martha Kristina Mwadinomho said the appointment of David was commendable and showed unity in that the king went as far as selecting a Kwanyama speaking person.

She also urged the community under Nghipunduka’s district to work together in assuring development takes place between Ondonga and Oukwanyama Traditional Authorities.

King Shuumbwa said, “Leaders are from God and are already chosen at birth, all we do is to appoint them to lead the people”.

The King also said it is time to deliver on the needs of the people and ensure peace and stability.

“Assist your people without favour, corruption or nepotism,” he said.

He also urged the community to work with Nghipunduka and if the need arises to correct him.

“His appointment does not define him as holy and good but just an ordinary man chosen to lead the people,” said the King.

Julia Heita

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