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Double murder accused trial awaiting Ernst Lichtenstrasser has appealed to the officer in charge and commisioner at the Widhoek Correctional Facility to improve the quality of food inmates are being made to eat.

He currently stands accused of killing two senior executives at the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) but has maintained his innocence.

In a leaked audio, Lichtenstrasser has said the food of trial awaiting inmates does not meet international nutritional standards.

“Commissioner sir, I respectfully inform you that I will no longer consume the food provided by Windhoek correctional facility,” he says.

Lichtenstrasser has said the food does not provide a balanced diet and is not prepared under hygienic standards.

“With the subsequent ban of receiving food from visitors I could get by without having to eat the disgusting unbalanced food prepared under questionable hygienic conditions,” he says.

He has also told the commissioner that the food sold within the facility to supplement their diet is overpriced.

Lichtenstrasser asked if the authorities could heed to his request for modest food requirements which must comprise five slices of white bread spread with margarine for breakfast, one boiled egg, four tea spoons of sugar, one cup of coffee or tea.

For lunch, Lichtenstrasser has requested one serving of starch, one serving of protein and vegetables, one serving of fruit plus or minus 1 500 calories.

For dinner, he has asked for five slices of white bread with margarine and peanut butter, one cup (250ml) full cream milk, plus/minus 500 calories.

“The above food items amount to approximately 2 500 calories which is the internationally accepted calories for a senior active male adult.”

“Please be advised that my refusal to eat this food provided by the Windhoek Correctional Facility or to supplement my diet with food bought at the Windhoek Correctional facility is not a hunger strike in disguise, but a measure to protect myself from health risks,” he says.

Julia Heita

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