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Lawyer Nixon Marcus whose name appears on a document together with names of trustees for Tunacor says he never been and is not a shareholder or beneficiary in the fishing company.

Marcus’ name came up on the list discussed on Eagle FM on Monday 15 January 2021.

A statement issued by Marcus’ partner, Uno Katjipuka, in the Nixon Marcus Public Law Office said although Marcus was approached by Ndelitungapo Shiluwa in 2012 to become a trustee for her children, this did not happen.

“In 2012, Ms Katchina (as she is popularly known – her official name is Ndelitungapo Shiluwa) asked Nixon to be a trustee on a trust she wanted to establish for her children.

“The trust was to be named “Omotuli’s descendants’ Trust”. Nixon agreed. The relevant trust documents were drawn up but never signed.

“When Katchina applied for fishing rights (when is not clear to us at present), she submitted the unsigned trust deed. The trust was finally registered in 2019 (on the basis of a trust deed dated 16 March 2018), it was so registered without Nixon as a trustee.

“Therefore, not only was Nixon never a shareholder or beneficiary in Tunacor, but he was also never a trustee in Omotuli’s descendants’ Trust,” Katjipuka stated.

Although his name appears on a document received from a reliable source, Marcus also confirmed to Eagle FM that he was never a shareholder.

In this regard, Eagle FM apologises to Marcus unreservedly for any inconvenience caused or any professional damage caused.

Wonder Guchu

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