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By: Nghiinomenwa Erastus

The Namibia Training Authority accredited the vocational training offered by the Khorixas Rest Camp and Gross Barmen Resort.

With the Kunene Region receiving its first hospitality training centre.

Namibia Wildlife Resort (NWR), which owns the two facilities announced in a statement Wednesday.

The two facilities are now Namibia Training Authority (NTA) registered training centres- meaning that the training they offer is recognised nationally as a qualification.

The two facilities – one in Kunene Region and the other in the Otjozondjupa Region – are now offering five NTA registered National vocational certificates starting from Level 2 up until Level 3, the statement revealed.

According to NWR managing director, Matthias Ngwangwama throughout the years, the resort has observed the need to create an in-house training institution as a cost mitigating strategy, due to the cost that the resort incurs when they send their employees for training.

“The certification by NTA will provide our employees with the opportunity to upskill

themselves, as well as Namibians with interest in the hospitality industry”.

WR spokesperson, Mufaro Nesongano, said the two facilities are accredited for three years and will be able to cater to the growing hospitality needs of Namibia as a prime tourist destination.

He explained that the registration with, and accreditation by, NTA is to re-align its two establishments to be the official training facilities under the NWR brand.

The two institutions will be operated under Namibia Wildlife Resorts Hospitality Institute (NWR Hi).

“NWR is now able to train and certify its employees and potential students for vocational qualifications in tourism,” said Nesongano.

He added that through the courses on offer, the area of service delivery within NWR will now be systematically addressed as it is able to train its human capital.

According to the NTA website, the Kunene Region has been the only region without a hospitality training facility despite housing a substantial number of lodges and a tourism hub.

The approval of NWR gives the region and neighbouring regions aspiring high school graduates and others with interest in the tourism-related courses to enrol close home.

Reducing the cost of education, as opposed in the past when they have to travel to other regions.

The two training facilities under NWR will begin by offering national certificates on tourism, hospitality, cookery, and food matters.

The minimum number of trainees for these qualifications will be 10, and the maximum will be 20, and each of them will be offered on a full-time basis face-to-face.

The NTA website revealed that it has registered 95 training providers around the country- together with the two approved they now stand 97.

Most of the training providers are in Khomas (39), followed by Erongo Region (15) then Otjozondjupa Region with 11.

The rest of the regions have less than 10 each.

Zambezi and Hardap Region have only two, while Kavango West has one, joined by Kunene now after NTA approval. Email:

Julia Heita

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