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IPC has withdrawn councillor Fillemon Hambuda and Desiree Davids from the City of Windhoek with immediate effect.
Hambuda was the chairperson of the management committee, while Davids was a member of the management committee.
In a memo sent out on Monday, the IPC said the decision is based on section 13(1)(g) of the Local Authorities Act, Act 23 of 1992.
“In the light of the City of Windhoek’s implicit refusal to cooperate, amongst other reasons, the IPC leadership, has an obligation on the electorate to ensure that the City allows the party responsible for fielding councillors to act ethically and in compliance with the Rule of Law and in the event of any indication implied or otherwise, IPC has a duty to investigate and the City has an obligation to comply with IPC and any other political party’s request to effect justice, transparency and accountability of our councillors,” the party said.
The memo also said that the effect real change, civil servants within the City of Windhoek should consider resigning to allow a fresh start.
Davids said that her lawyers would be in touch with IPC leadership.
She also said that the ACC did not summon her but that some people within the council took the case of her applying for land to the commission.

Julia Heita

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