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Swapo has trounced IPC, PDM and the two independent candidates to retain the Ncamagoro constituency in Kavango East.
The ruling party took 912 of the 1 268 votes.
Coming second was the independent candidate Moses Nyundu who grabbed 153.
The PDM managed 195 votes, while another independent Laudislous Poroto Shindimba, got 79 votes. IPC was last with 29 votes. The other 15 votes were rejected.
Frans Chimbango ran on the PDM ticket while Andreas Tjiwawa stood for IPC.
Swapo’s Thomas Rengi is the Ncamagoro councillor succeeding the late Swapo councillor, Johannes Sikondo, who died in September this year.
This is the second time IPC and PDM have lost to Swapo in a by-election in as many months.
Rengi was too excited to talk to The Villager on Saturday, saying he needed time.
In August, IPC also lost to Swapo in the Katima Mulilo urban constituency by-election.
Swapo walked away with 1 557 out of the 3 002 total votes, while Nkando Gibson Kabuna scooped 417 votes.
IPC was third with 296, PDM fourth with 294, NDP had 282 and another independent candidate Kubwima Poniso Miller took 156 votes.
Kennedy Simasiku represented Swapo, the PDM candidate Marklee Mweti Matengu, the IPC had Malipa Lynnette, and NDP fielded Christopher Simasiku.
The Katima Mulilo seat became vacant after the death in a car accident of John Muchila Mukaya in May.
If the results from some polling stations are anything to go by, IPC and PDM may have to forget about contesting anywhere in the Kavango regions for 2024.
The IPC failed to get even a single vote at some polling stations, while PDM scrapped together up to seven votes.
Swapo sent its secretary-general Sophia Shaningwa who campaigned from door to door.
Shaningwa said councillors should remain sexy and not grow a tummy, and they should work hard when a task is given.
“Councillors should not change after being elected. They should remain sexy and not grow a tummy, and they should work hard when a task is given. When you get elected, you should not sit in the office but go out in the community and give your people the service they want,” said Shaningwa.
The Swapo SG further said she noticed that many elderly people in the Ncamagoro Constituency do not have identity cards during her visitation in the area.
“It is important for all citizens of the country, through the right procedures and with the assistance of the councillor, traditional authorities and officials, to make sure that the elderly people get IDs.”
She also stated, “In the Mamono area, there are no functioning boreholes, and water is fetched in containers. The boreholes became inoperable and could not provide water. For this, I have conveyed to Windhoek that Mamono’s boreholes should be rectified with immediate effect.
“Money that the government is providing should not be wasted. The Swapo manifesto is very clear, is to calculate documents done between the community and party.”






Staff Writer

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