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By: Kelvin Chiringa

Inspector General of the Namibian Police expressed that he wished he could fire rogue police officers that have given in to the acts of corruption and smuggling contraband to trial awaiting persons.

Ndeitunga responded to a search and raid operation that played out Tuesday morning at the Ondangwa Police holding cells.

The operation retrieved smuggled mobile phones, cell phone chargers, and Okapi knives and sharp objects.

Ndeitunga said this was a second search and raid operation carried out at the Ondangwa Police Cells this month.

The first raid also recovered a lot of items which has led to questionings as to how, in just one month, contraband was smuggled into the same cells.

However, the Inspector General is convinced that rogue officers are conniving with suspected criminals and smuggling in such items for a few coins.

“These are rogue police officers who came into the police looking for jobs only, but their loyalty, their commitment is not in the police’s functions. They are not loyal to the nation. It seems it’s becoming a lucrative business; you know these people can even be bribed with N$200 or N$300 to sneak in these types of things.

“It’s a temptation for every police officer that is…. Of course, we have committed police officers. But we have these few police officers who do not deserve to be in police uniform,” he said.

The I.G added that the law does not permit instant drastic action on officers caught pants down.

But he said if he had the means, he would instantly fire those caught in the act.

“If it’s a severe offence having an element of corruption, having an element of dishonesty, there is no immediate suspension. I have to hold a suspension hearing, and if the person is found guilty, I can suspend.

“It goes to the board of trial to determine if this person fits to be a police officer. It’s a process that takes a bit longer. But it would have been better for me to fire those on the spot because the public will have problems interacting with this police officer involved in corrupt practices,” he said.

Ndeitunga has said that although cameras are installed in some of these cells, the evidence is often tempered with where rogue officers are smuggling contraband.

“Cameras are at the cells like at Oshakati. When you ask how these things enter the cells, you are told different reasons from Jupiter’s planet. Oh, the camera was not functioning. The camera what. Some people are manipulating the system. But the cameras are there. They are crooks!” he lashed out.


Kelvin Chiringa

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