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Kelvin Chiringa

Suspended City of Windhoek councillor, Desiree Davids, has resigned from the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) after admitting to three counts of breaching various relevant legislation including the oath of Membership and oath of Public Office Bearers.

Davids was suspended dramatically after a media report that she used her political prowess to have her land application fast-tracked.

She denied the allegations and initially challenged her suspension through her lawyer.

However, IPC has come out to disclose that they received evidence to the effect that she sought a speedy process of her application for land by the City of Windhoek management committee within four days.

“As communicated through the VOP dated 9 September 2021, the disciplinary hearing of Ptr. Desiree Davids took place on Friday, 03 September 2021, at the party office. In accordance with provisions of the IPC constitution, the Khomas regional disciplinary committee was assigned to institute the disciplinary process.

“The disciplinary hearing was chaired by Ptr. Setson Iyambo, regional executive secretary for the Oshikoto region. A notice to attend the disciplinary hearing was issued to Ptr. Davids, clearly stipulating all rights accorded to her during the process.

“The disciplinary committee followed strict procedures adhering to the principles of justice. Where appropriate witness testimonies were obtained telephonically and cross examination of witnesses was accorded to both the respondent and applicant,” said the party.

Desiree was charged with 11 breaches of various relevant legislation of which she pleaded guilty to three, the party said.

These included the oath of membership, the oath of public office bearers, article 2.4 and article 3.1.1 of the IPC constitution and the party code of conduct.

Recommendations from the committee were that she be charged, that she was not fit to represent the party at any forum, that she did not have the interest of the party, and the electorate that empowered her at heart.

“Furthermore, the disciplinary committee, conscious of the IPC principles and manifesto pledges to fight corruption, recommends that Ptr. Desiree Davids be withdrawn from representation of IPC in the City of Windhoek Local Authority Council, in accordance with section 12 (1) (g) of the Local Authority act 23 of 1992,” said the party.

Davids has so far refused to comment on the matter.

The resignation of Davids comes at a time when she was in the middle of a public spurt with the City Mayor Job Amupanda of whom she said time was running out.

He accused him of coming up with “petty initiatives”.

“One month away from the end of Job Amupanda’s term. He has (to) stop ambushing people publicly and (he is) coming up with petty initiatives and people are blind to the fact that (he is) fighting for his (life) to be mayor for (a) second term.

“The truth is, if his term ends now (and) LPM joins he coalition before November, AR is doomed! Then it’s game over. Knowing Swartbooi and Hennie, there will be fire in CoW. May the best man win,” she posted on her Facebook page.

AR spokesperson, Simon Amunime, took her on and fired back.

“Desiree Davids (must) just continue buying contraceptives beyond curfew hours… heal your wounds in peace. That is politics… They will use you, abuse you and dump you, once said a renowned Namibian Professor,” he said.

It is presently unclear whether the former IPC politician will join the LPM or any other party.

Kelvin Chiringa

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