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By: Andrew Kathindi

The government will buy a tent hospital which the private sector through a Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) initiative is leasing to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cabinet took the decision to purchase the tent at the 15th cabinet meeting of the year.

“Cabinet approved the proposed purchase of the tent, under floor and rubber floor cover, florescent ceiling lighting, DB boards, 10 air conditioners and 16 toilets,” stated Information, Communication and Technology Minister, Peya Mushelenga.

Cabinet further took note of NCCI Private Sector Initiative for covering the rental obligation of the 70-beds tented ward for Katutura Intermediate hospital for a period of four months.

“Cabinet took note of the donation of all fittings and accessories in the 70-beds tended ward to Government,”

The private sector through the NCCI initiative also provided oxygen to public health facilities and then developed two hospitals, one near the Windhoek Central hospital.

The NCCI also donated a 40-bed capacity field hospital situated at the Oshakati State hospital.

NCCI board chairperson Bisey /Uirab told The Villager that the Windhoek facility was being leased from a private individual between July and October but could not divulge who or how much government will be forking out for the tents.

“The shell of tent is being leased from a private owner. It is the shell of tent which the government has seemingly decided to buy. They are not buying it from NCCI or a member of NCCI, but a private individual. The lease was being paid for by O&L from July until October.”

“When the period comes to an end, government had the option to let go of it or buy it take permanent ownership of it, and they have decided to buy it.”

Quizzed how much the private sector has spent on this initiative, /Uirab stated, “I don’t have figures, but this individual who own this tent are not members of NCCI. The lease for the facility was paid for by Namibia Breweries.”

O&L chairman Sven Thieme said that as part of the NCCI, they have spent around N$6 million.

“When we realize how serious the [COVID-19] situation is I asked that we get together as the top business leaders in NCCI to see what we can do. As O&L we have spent about N$6 million on this project. It was a cash contribution initially and then rental for tents.”

Julia Heita

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