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Latest revelations have surfaced that Microsoft billionaire founder, Bill Gates, left the Microsoft board in 2020 as the company’s board began investigating him into a romantic relationship with a female employee.
This comes at the back of reports that Gates’ marriage with his wife Melinda is headed for divorce.
The Wall Street Journal has reported as thus: “”Microsoft Corp. board members decided that Bill Gates needed to step down from its board in 2020 as they pursued an investigation into the billionaire’s prior romantic relationship with a female Microsoft employee that was deemed inappropriate.”
Eye Witness News has also reported that a spokesperson for Microsoft (said) that the company was alerted in the second half of 2019 that “Bill Gates sought to initiate an intimate relationship with a company employee in the year 2000.
EWN further says a committee of the Board reviewed the concern, aided by an outside law firm, to conduct a thorough investigation.
“The employee, an engineer, claimed in a letter to have had a sexual relationship with Gates “over years,” EWN has said.

Julia Heita

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