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Some of you are going on about R. Kelly’s case in the United States. Yes, R. Kelly’s case is done. Whatever happened between him and all those women, let it just stay there.

Of course, R. Kelly, if ever it is true and there is no way it cannot be true, was on a crusade of his own.

There was Aaliyah whom R. Kelly married when she was 15 in 1994. Do not forget Tiffany Hawkins who sued R. Kelly for the emotional distress she suffered during a three-year relationship with the star.

Tiffany was also 15 when R. Kelly started a relationship with her. Tracy Sampson accused R. Kelly of inducing her into indecent sexual relationship when she was 17 years old.

Another woman, Patrice Jones, claimed that R. Kelly impregnated her when she was underage, and forced her to abort.

The other woman who fingered R. Kelly was Montina Woods who claimed that R. Kelly videotaped their sexual tryst when she did not know.

Jerhonda Pace also said R. Kelly had sex with her when she was underage.  More claims came from Kitti Jones who accused R, Kelly of forcing her into sex with other women.

All these stacked against R. Kelly. Yes, we should be worried, folks. Very worried but honestly, we should keep an eye on those uncles next door or those lurking around the neighbourhood.

Indeed, I said it. As for you my dears, you need to be watching that uncle next door. R. Kelly should be the least of your worries for now.

Just think of the numbers of minors who are molested every day in your neighbourhood. Think about all the schoolgirls who have been impregnated and ask yourself who did it. It was not R. Kelly, right? R. Kelly has never been here, right?

If you have forgotten the figures, then I will be kind enough to give them to you now. Some of them that could be the tip of the iceberg.

In the midst of Covid-19 between March and July, your uncles impregnated 3 323 teenagers. By July 2021, the number had gone up to 3 676.

This is clear evidence that your uncles are busy with children. I am saying your uncles here because these pregnancies emerged when schools were on lockdown. The girls were at homes and spending all the time in the neighbourhoods.

There were 2 818 rape cases between January 2018 and September 2020. Of these figures, 2 357 involved women and children.

By September 2021, according to police reports over 10 weeks, 15 children and teenagers aged between 11 months and 17 years old were reportedly raped beginning July 2021. Of the 15 cases, 12 involves boys and two boys.

According to the statistics, the youngest victim was a baby aged 11 months that was savaged by a 24-year-old man.

Clearly, we have bigger issues to deal with here and one wonders where the self-proclaimed human rights defenders are at this point in time when they can be of huge help.

The police have been churning out statistics all the time – sometimes appealing to the public for help – yet nothing changes.

Namibia has become a nation of single mothers who struggle with the heavy burden of raising children alone. This is what should be the centre of discussion for the sole reason of fixing the country.

The problem is just next door. You meet the problem every day. You talk to the problem every time. Some of you stay under the same roof with the problem. There are others who protect the problem. And you could most probably be the problem.

So, forget R. Kelly for now dearest. Just watch the uncle next door.

Julia Heita

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