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By: Justicia Shipena

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) unresolved leadership quarrels were spotlighted at the Namibia Annual Sports Awards (NASA).

MTC’s chief of human capital and corporate affairs, Tim Ekandjo, called on the leadership of NFA to act accordingly and stop hiding behind FIFA statutes.

Ekandjo said this at the NASA awards on Saturday evening at Safari Court Hotel in Windhoek.

“We are all hurt and grossly disappointed by the rotten developments in our football,” said Ekandjo.

He said the leadership should have the courage to ask the nation for forgiveness for the mess it has caused in football.

“Then pack your bags and resign, and please don’t ever come back again,” he stressed.

He added that Namibian football already lags by at least 15 years.

“Yet you dare to continue playing with the lives of our footballers who have now become unemployed and turned to crime to make a living.”

He said getting rid of coach Ricardo Mannetti and his technical team has done nothing.

“To date, we have still not appointed a substantive coach. It is as if you are allergic to excellence and have become the worst enemy of the game, which we all love,” he lauded.

According to Ekandjo, after almost two years of no football, the so-called progressive forces came to the fore with no manifesto and no plan for the game.

“They told this nation we do not need a manifesto to win the elections, and they won it. Even at the primary school level, when they elect prefects, these kids are required to show a manifesto so that those electing them can hold them accountable,” he explained.

Ekandjo said the leadership showed the nation no respect with such a move, and the nation was in dire need of leadership and direction.

“The players were in dire need to make a living, and their hopes were raised. You came into power with no vision, and look where we are today.”

He further said winning was more important to the leadership than winning the game.

“You have all been toying with the lives of our soccer-playing youth, and enough is enough. What if these were your children?” he questioned.

Ekandjo urged for athletes to be given the same respect and recognition when they prepare and win medals.

“They are not only equal human beings but better than all of us who have all our abilities because their spirit is defined by perseverance and courage, and we would like to salute them for their bravery and tenacity.”

The leadership of NFA have been trapped in a power struggle embroiled in a fight for control of the federation.

Justicia Shipena

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