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By: Staff Writer

The mother who broke her daughter’s arm was arrested last week and is expected in court on Monday.

The unnamed 72-year-old woman allegedly hit her daughter (45) on the right arm with a traditional stick in early August this year.

The incident happened at Omulondo village, Ontananga, in Oshikoto.

Wilka Shikongo said her mother was angry over the spice she used that was supposed to have been used to season meat.

As a result of the beating, Shikongo’s arm had to be amputated.

Police Deputy Commissioner Petrus Shigwedha confirmed the arrest and the court date to Eagle FM last week on Friday.

Shigwedha said the woman is expected to appear in the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court.

Narrating her ordeal to Eagle FM last week from Onandjokwe State Hospital, Shikongo said her mother followed her in the bushes where she had gone to pick up wild berries.

“She was hitting me saying that she can do whatever she wants to me because she gave birth to me, and that she was not afraid of the police,” she said.

Shikongo said this time she was going to open a case against her mother whom she accused of rampant physical abuse.

“I will open a case against her. I am tired of her abuses. She even abuses my children. It has become too much. I can’t bear it anymore.

“I have now lost my right arm because of her. For too long she has been abusive to us and we have been patient with her.

“My 13-year-old last born daughter is also a victim of her abuses. She throws sand on her while her favourite grandchildren are eating and she denies her food. My daughter has since been take out of the house by my other family members,” Shikongo said.


Staff Writer

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