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Bishop Festus Thomas, who is based in Ondangwa, feels that religious activity has been a scapegoat in terms of the latest covid regulations.
“I think that religious activity has been adversely targeted by the authorities.”
Thomas explains that he witnesses in Ondangwa during the day time hours, bars and various other establishments having occupancy rates of more than ten people.
“The major malls in the north, especially in the week, will have more than 10 people occupying it. The shebeens and other public spaces will have the same,” he explains.
The amended covid-19 regulations have seen the indoor gatherings being limited to only ten people in an instance.
“My concern is even bigger than this. What about family settings where people are more than ten in the house. Especially the homesteads in the north. I have approximately 30 people who stay in mione. My children, and grandchildren are all together!”
The bishop explains that this is somewhat double standards, because the gatherings at funerals also require clarity.
“If we count all the people that can be allowed to attend a funeral, we have the medical staff, the undertakers and then the close family. This could amount to more than ten people!” Thomas signals.
On the notion of what the situation looks like at funerals, Thomas explains that as a religious leader you would not know if you are being called out to a funeral or a wedding.
“These are calls that happen at the last minute. And, the thing is you would not know until the moment you have said yes.”
According to him, the larger churches have been instituting their measure to adhere to the Covid-19 regulations.
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Julia Heita

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