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Boycott Israeli products- Marxist Group of Namibia

…as Israeli/Palestinian bombardment continue
The Marxist Group of Namibia is calling for a boycott of all Israeli products and a black-listing of Israeli business people in the diamond sector to send an impactful message against the bombardment of Palestine currently playing out.
The group has said that while Gaza has retaliated by firing missiles at the state of Israel, the latter was more powerful with the full backing of the United States.
Speaking to Eagle FM on the Early Morning Scoop, Dr. Shaun Whitaker has said they still welcome a statement of condemnation in support of Palestine issued by the international relations ministry.
Protestors in the South Africa have also this week called for sanctions to be put on Israel which stands accused of orchestrating Apartheid in Palestine.
“We condemn this colonial violence against the Palestinians in the strongest terms possible. This is clearly not a situation of violence between two equal forces. On the one side we do have th Israeli army, one of the strongest armies in the world, armed to the teeth by the Americans.
“On the other hand, we do have an armed civilian that is the Palestinian, being subjected to bombardment with some of the heaviest, most dangerous weapons in the world. So, clearly when people refer to conflict, or tension, it hides the reality of the situation because we are dealing with a situation of brutal colonial occupation.
“The Israeli army is extremely brutal in its treatment of the Palestinians. There is simply no comparison, on the one hand you have these home-made rockets which the Palestinians have shot in self-defense. Israelis have something like 200 nuclear bombs. They get something like N$4 billion in military aid every year,” he said.
A quick search however shows that Israel does have an estimated 90 nuclear warheads, with fissile material for up to 200 while more recently, in fiscal year 2019, the US provided $3.8 billion in foreign military aid to Israel.
Israel also benefits from about $8 billion of loan guarantees.
Community crime fighting sheriff, Sean Naude, has however affirmed that the coverage into this crisis has been riddled with biases and an exaggeration of the role Israel has played.
He also slammed government’s stance to affirm that Namibia supports Palestine when there are different religious groups with a different opinion in the country.
He also said that to institute a boycott of Israeli products would be unfair and may attract sanctions.
“I am 100% behind Israel. They have a right to defend themselves. They have been bombarded. This has been a very biased opinion by social media and the mass media. People are being fed with lies. They are bringing apartheid. They are using this as an excuse to attack Israel when thousands of missiles have been shot into Israel.
“And I know a lot of people up there are gonna hate me for this. I am involved in the community and staff like that. This is not about my skin color people. This is about what’s right and what’s wrong. And if you think boycotting a race… this is what is happening in South Africa with Xenophobia. You cannot turn around and say we are going to boycott Jewish products, this is wrong!” he said.

Julia Heita

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