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That outburst by Me’ Sophia Shaningwa during the press conference, what was that?

Aye, mahn calm down and take deep breaths. Count to reven and open your eyes slowly.

After all, it is just an election in Ndonga Linena. Or maybe there is something we are not being told about. Because that lung-bursting tantrum is not just about Ndonga Linena. Or about the few miscounted votes. Even for the mighty Swapo Party.

One would be mistaken to think that the incomplete Swapo headquarters had been set alight. Or some reckless driver had rammed their truck into the incomplete building.

Aye, mahn, Me’ Sophia, calm down.

Are there no other more pressing issues that deserve all that anger and lung-bursting tantrums?

That cannot be about gender because there are men too who can throw up such tantrums. The late KK would do that but most of the times for a good reason.

Do you remember Mike Tyson? He was once the champion. Had 58 fights. Of these 44 were knock-outs and six losses. Two were no contests.

When he started to lose, he also lost not only control but could not control his jaws. Then he sank his teeth into Evander Holyfield’s neck in 1997.

The tantrums Me’ Sophia threw during that press conference could only be a result of the feelings of loss of control. The unbridled anger is very obvious and typical of once powerful people and organisations who would have realised that they are not in power any more.

This is called the shoe-is-on-other-foot syndrome. This happens when life changes. And life does change always. It appears even the unwarranted blame put on the former ECN boss is just a way of trying to wriggle out of the pain and embarrassment caused by the challenge brought by little APP.

But when someone calls for a press conference, the reason is to share information and answer questions. There could be a press release but still journalists could have questions arising from the press conference or anything else to do with what the press conference would not have covered.

It must also be remembered that when the ruling party calls for a press conference, which in some cases is not always the case, the media will take the opportunity to ask about other issues that have a bearing on everything to do with politics.

Now Me’ Sophia, being the face of the ruling party, should have been calmer and more relaxed to allow questions to come through.

The fun part is that neither the APP nor the ECN were present at the press conference. And the irony that was lost is that the media whose questions Me’ Sophia refused to entertain could have carried the message to the ECN and the APP.

Since Swapo is the ruling party, Me’ Sophia can do a better job if she can be this beautiful face of the organisation. She can do a better job if she keeps her anger home or leave it by the gate when she walks into the Swapo headquarters.

What she did could easily be misconstrued to mean that Swapo was winning by cheating all these years. Indeed, that appears to be the talk going around now. Otherwise how can one explain those lung-bursting tantrums and the dismissive attitude?

Again, by asking for a rerun, Me’ Sophia is just trying to be difficult. Did you hear her say that she talks for the party and not about the government? But Swapo is the ruling party. How do you separate the two?

Aye mahn, Me’ Sophia, just clam down.


Julia Heita

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