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The Affirmative Repositioning (AR) Walvis Bay has celebrated a labour court victory by fired eight workers against Rössing Uranium.
The court has rejected the company’s argument that an arbitration hearing before the Labour Commission should not be stayed, pending the final determination of an application for review.
The branch executives got accused of gross negligence, bringing the mine owner, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) Rössing Uranium, into disrepute, and for breaching confidentiality.
They had resisted a move by the company to make changes to an agreement on matters to do with leave, medical aid, wages, and retrenchment provisions.
The workers expressed that, “In the agreement it clearly states that, “In case of material breach of the Agreement as confirmed by the arbitration board, the Agreement can be immediately terminated by either party’’.
“The Company on numerous occasions violated this agreement and the union demanded they comply through following the internal processes to safeguard our agreements and now these actions of the company was left unchallenged by the union living a paper trail for the company to proof its case when it comes to that.”
Hailing the court victory, the AR’s Knowledge Ipinge has said, “This confirms that the AR movement will consistently take critical cases, challenge “tough” opponents, and achieve landmark victories on behalf of the oppressed.”
“We knew for long that the oppressive regime was attempting to delay justice for the radical and unapologetic fired Rossing Union Branch Executives.
“The Judge was in shock from the super lightning speed that would definitely shame our distinguished silver medallist Mr. Frankie Fredericks, with which the regime approached the court.
The workers were represented by Kadhila Amoomo Legal Practitioners, who won hands down, a victory against the undemocratic, cruel, systematic oppression of the black professionals and poor working class at Rossing Uranium. We look forward the final nail in the coffin of the regime at the arbitration.”

Julia Heita

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