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Youthful entrepreneur, Michael Amushelelo has donated to the less fortunate in Etunda, Ruacana, Omusati region.

“On the 2nd August 2021 after seeing an image of children that are malnourished. I posted on a my social media pages asking the public to assist me in tracing this children.”

“We have managed to trace the children with the assistance of Inekela Iikali. Yesterday one of children died as a result of starvation (HUNGER). I feel personally guilty because I failed to act with a sense of urgency,” he said.

Amushelelo has said he together with his team managed to buy maize meal, cooking oil as well tinned fish for the children.

“It’s a damn shame that children in this country have to die from something that can easily be solved, hunger should be the last thing a Namibian has to die from.”

“I am challenging all the corporate companies to start donating food as well come up with programs to help this children. However I am certain they won’t follow suite because these malnourished children won’t give them the PR millage they always crave for.”

“Corporate Namibia keep the same energy you have recently shown recently, open your cheque books not just when it is good for your company image but open it because it’s great for humanity,” he said.

Julia Heita

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