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Mines minister, Tom Alweendo, on Saturday donated 32 food parcels worth N$ 27 000 to 30 households as a personal ongoing effort to help alleviate the effects of drought in the Oshikango constituency in the Ohangwena region bordering Angola.

As Namibia experiences drought, the the minister has said he believes that during times of crisis, “it is important to recognize our shared humanity and support those in need whenever possible”.

The donation that included staple food items was received by Ester Ndatala Nghidimbwa, Councilor of Oshikango constituency who assisted in the distribution and identification of needy families.

The donation follows a plea for assistance in drought relief by the Councilor of the Oshikango constituency, Nghidimbwa.

During the community visit, the minister expressed concern on the illegal trade of fuel in the constituency as a serious crime.

“Those who continue smuggling fuel in the country from neighbouring Angola should be held accountable and the fight against the trade can only be combated when community leaders, community members and the police collaborate,” he said.

The Minster cautioned the public on the effects of smuggling and re-selling to local consumers without paying duties.

He said this deliberately affects the country’s gross domestic product impacting the country’s fuel levy.

The Minister took the opportunity to share public awareness on the importance of COVID-19 vaccines.

He urged community members to get vaccinated as vaccinations are safe and effective in preventing community transmission.

He said, “It is your personal responsibility to those you love and care for to get vaccinated. Community myths are detrimental to the greater protection of the community.”

Julia Heita

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