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By: Wonder Guchu

Police are hunting for a 25-year-old pastor who gave instructions on how to administer a concoction that killed three people in Kavango West.

The three people who died on Tuesday after receiving the concoction have been identified as Ndumba Evaristus Ntamba (37), Ndumba Robertha Nangombe (45) and Simbaranda Hilka Kapango (21).

Another fourth person who has been hospitalised is 39 years old.

The police said the people are from Kasivi village in Kapako constituency.

The police have arrested an assistant pastor aged 36 who administered the treatment with some instructions from a senior pastor.

The senior pastor (25), whose name has been given as Engelbrech Hamutenya, has not yet been arrested but the police are looking for him.

According to the police, the people went to Victory Church at Mutengo village for healing on Monday.

Once there, they were given a medicine that was a mixture of white vinegar, a methylated spirits and salt, that was administered by a tube through their anus.

After they took the medicine, they went to rest in their tents and later started to have diarrhea and one of them started screaming from pain caused by the medicine they took.

Later that evening, three died in their tents while one is hospitalised in Nankundu State Hospital.

The person who gave them the medicine is allegedly an assistant pastor who was apparently getting instruction from the senior pastor who was not around at a time, to give them such medicine.

The substance administered was confiscated.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the alleged senior pastor must contact deputy commissioner Agas on 0811242649.

Police spokesperson deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi urged public encouraged to seek professional medical assistance readily available. Life is precious and cannot be gambled with.

Wonder Guchu

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