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Former minister, Dr Libertina Amadhila, built a home of 2 rooms for an elderly couple in Oshana shaTemba village in the Oshikoto region.

The construction took place this weekend, and was handed over.

Sackaria Haule and his wife, Nangula Kamati-Haule, have lived in the area for more than 40 years and survive on wild fruit, handouts from neighbours and the drought relief food programme in the region.

The Haule’s said that this is not enough to live on.

Victoria Aule (30), a daughter of the elderly who is taking care of her parents, said she has 3 other siblings that don’t bother to check on them and that it’s not easy for her.

“I hardly go out to look for our daily needs because there is no one to take care of my parents since they depend on me in almost everything since they both are blind.” Victoria said.

A recent video circulating on social media platforms about the couple has brought donations from all corners of society to the Haule’s.

A local businessman, David Nghipunduka, and his family donated goods to the couple that included 2 beds and mattresses, blankets, cooking pots, brand new clothes and food items among others.

Another business entity known as Northern Safari, donated various items as well to the couple.

At the same occasion, Dr Helena Ndume examined the elderly couple’s eyes which she said it’s unfortunate because there is nothing to be done for the wife’s sight as her eyes are completely damaged.

“Apparently one of Sackaria’s eyes was damaged when he was small, but I discovered that his left eye has a cataract which we can save,” Ndume added.

We have to book him for an operation at the Oshakati intermediate hospital next Wednesday, and once he regains his sight then he can help his wife around,” Ndume continued.

Amadhila indicated that she doesn’t want to see Namibians suffering even after independence.

“We fought for the liberation and let us allow our people to enjoy the freedom,” she said.

“I’ve been doing this out of my own will with my retirement money and I’m happy by doing so, one day I will die and live off the money, that is why I’m investing in our people as I have already built boys and girls hostels for the marginalised communities.”
Photo: Hellen Andreas

Julia Heita

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