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By: Dwight Links

A Divundu family says they cannot do anything to the girl (15) who is said to have suffocated their one-year-old child to death.

The incident where Ndara Quinton Makanga was suffocated to death happened on Wednesday this week.

It happened at Shadimbungu village about 10km from Divundu in Kavango East.

Divundu police station Commander Detective warrant officer Haingura said it is not clear yet what happened to the child since they are still investigating the matter.

Haingura also said that the doctor is yet to conclude the medical examination. He said the police will give details once the investigation is done.

The boy’s aunt, Elletraud Tovoro, said the girl was trying to make Ndara stop crying by closing her mouth and nose.

Tovoro said the family took the girl in because her mother is struggling.

“The girl is known to us. She used to come and stay with us. So, we asked her to help with the boy,” Tovoro said.

She said the doctor who examined the boy’s body noted that the neck was not broken, but the abdomen was bloated.

“The stomach of the baby was big, and the doctor said that the child was trying to breathe,” Tovoro said.

According to her, the medical examiner also ruled out poisoning because the child did not vomit.

Asked on what the baby-sitter had to say about this incident, Tovoro said the young girl was trying to silence the child as he was crying excessively.

The girl was asked what had happened and she acted out the scene by placing her hands over the nose and mouth.

Tovoro said they left the girl at the police station and have no details one whether she is in custody or not.

“As a family, we have nothing we can do. What happened has happened,” the aunt said.


Julia Heita

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