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Venaani says no support for Geingob’s lockdowns

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani today said the party will not support another extension of the State of Emergency citing the bleeding economy as a reason.
During a press conference this morning, Venaani said the lockdown is bleeding the economy which needs to open.
The current state of emergency is set to expire on 17 September 2020.
Venaani said he has been lobbying with other political parties to stop any further extension and “so far we have the headway“.
Venaani argued that the state of emergency and lockdown has not assisted in curbing the spread of COVID-19.
He also said: “By continuing raping the economy with the State of Emergency we have not struck a balance”.
The PDM leader further expressed disappointment in the way the government has been handling the pandemic.
Venaani further said Geingob should have engaged political parties on a COVID-19 exit plan for the country which is needed.

Wonder Guchu

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