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Swartbooi flirts with coalition question

As the battle for coalitions and mayoral positions rages on among opposition parties which have seemingly found power in their majority against the Swapo party at Local Authority level, LPM’s Bernardus Swartbooi has said the option is on the table for them although they may opt against it.
Responding to questions from journalists, Swartbooi who is now squarely positioned in the south, suggested that Job Amupanda’s dream to be the mayor for the City of Windhoek may not be, after all, an easy walk in the park.
It now appears apparent that LPM has no wish to enter into any coalition that erodes its power and cedes it to other parties while there are areas the party will not compromise on.
Swartbooi said once they get into any coalition, they seek to be in a position to “govern seriously”.
“Who gets mayoral positions, who gets chairperson, these are secondary issues. An agenda must be agreed upon,” he said.
PDM on its part has indicated that it is ready to begin negotiations on how power will be shared where the opposition have a numerical muscle over Swapo.
Over the weekend, the party’s Secretary General, Immanuel Ngaringombe said, “We will not form coalitions with any SWAPO members/Councillors!!!PDM is open and willing to work with other political parties in the management of regional councils and local authorities for the years 2021 to 2025.”
Ngaringombe outrightly directed PDM Councillors “not to go into any coalition agreement with Swapo, as we now have a golden opportunity to unite as the opposition front in Namibia.”

Wonder Guchu

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