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SWAPO gets legal advice on convicted candidate – Kapere


Swapo party leader assigned to the Hardap region, Mandela Kapere, has said they have solicited legal opinion on a member that successfully ran in the Stampriet primaries despite a criminal conviction.

Ferdinand Uirab’s candidature attracted discontent with some members who still want him to be chucked out of the list of those running in the upcoming local authority/regional council elections.

Kapere had earlier on said no grievance had officially been lodged with the leadership ahead of the primaries and thus could not take action against Uirab.

Yesterday he said, “We have received more detailed information on the particularities of the case and have sought legal advice on the conditions attached to the pardon that Mr.Uirab received in 2014”.

Uirab was convicted of stock theft and slapped with a five-year jail term with two suspended on condition he did not commit the same offence in five years.

Kapere added, “We have resolved the matter which doesn’t require an extra-ordinary district conference. We will communicate the details at a “later” stage.”

Meanwhile, all DEC members were called yesterday to urgently convene a meeting “ to review the Stampriet Local Authority nominations as directed by the Secretary General and the ECN”.

However, Kapere said this had nothing to do with Uirab but “some requirements of the ECN in regards to the registration of candidates.”

Kapere has been accused by some for favouritism and incompetency with regards to the handling of the Uirab case.

An anonymous party member told Eagle FM, “He is in cahoots with Paula Kooper, the in-law and cousin of Simon Kooper. A very well-orchestrated move of Elizabeth Karigus (regional coordinator, Edward Wambo and Kapere and company.”

Julia Heita

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