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Seibeb calls for added security in handling ballot papers

Landless People’s Movement (LPM) second in command, Henny Seibeb, who has been drumming up support for his support in Kalkrand over the weekend, has called on political parties and the ECN to ensure maximum security on the ballot papers all the way from South Africa.
This is as the ECN has now roped in the printing services of Uniprint, a South African based company to do the ballot for Namibia’s local authority and regional council elections.
Seibeb said while in the long run Namibian companies should be the ones to do the printing, the situation presents a problem because some companies are Swapo linked.
“Look, ideally, any democratic country should have its own competent companies that will be able to print ballot papers for our elections. But now in the absence of that, it is not the first time that our ballot papers are being printed in South Africa,” he said.
Seibeb said all stakeholders must send their representative to go and see the facility where the printing is being done and look at the safety measures.

Wonder Guchu

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