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PDM has accused the Ombudsman for being captured

According to the PDM leader, he claims that the Ombudsman is very lenient when it comes to state matters. That he does not want to deal with the issues candidly and would prefer to handle it that way.
McHenry Venaani referenced a letter they had addressed towards the Ombudsman about the auditing of the August 26 military company.
The letter was drafted in 2018 to the state watchdog. The letter centred around the legality of the proposed auditing suggestion.
“He has never responded to us about our letter, but he has written to the State House, agreeing with our opinion that the books of august 26 have to be audited.”
Venaani says that reliable sources have confirmed that President Geingob has called some generals supposedly asking them why they do not want the books of the company to be audited.
“He goes (Ombudsman) to the office of the president for the need for the company to be audited. We are saying that the Ombudsman owes the PDM an explanation on why Edward Mumbu would query something, and you (Ombudsman) go and ask the institution that is queried, and you give feedback to the institution that is queried,” Venaani said.
This press conference was held at the PDM head office earlier today.

Wonder Guchu

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