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Parliament rolls out training for MPs

The parliament is in the process of establishing its own paperless platform for members of parliament.
The training is to take the country’s legislative body to new heights. Eagle FM spoke to David Nahongandja, Public relations of the National Assembly for the parliament.

“This is a new operating system to get the parliament of Namibia to become paperless,” Nahongandja said.
“The development of this programme has been in development for a long time. With a number of systems being considered for usage in the parliament from across the world, we looked at the affordability and also the one best suited to our needs.”
Nahongandja adds that the idea of this programme being implemented is to cut costs on the amount of paper being prepared for the sessions in parliament for the members.
He added that the installation of the system had been completed and that the training of members of parliament will begin.
“We started with the training of members (parliament) today, the first group were the cabinet members – ministers and deputy ministers. They were here for their session from 09h00 until 13h00,” he adds.
He continued that the backbenchers of the National Assembly will follow afterwards.
“We divided the training groups into groups of 20, to create manageable workload and to keep in mind the regulations for COVID-19,” Nahongandja said.
The system will allow for new functions that include touch screen usage and to avoid the cluttering of paperwork.
Nahongandja indicated that the system is set up to upload the documents, to be viewed, before a session.
He indicated that the social media platforms of the Namibian parliament will have live sessions displaying the training on this system for the public to view.

Wonder Guchu

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