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NEFF member suspended for accusing leaders of running a two-monkey show

The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters member Jason Tuhafeni who was suspended said he accused the party president and commander-in-chief Epaphras Mukwiilongo and second-in-command Kalimbo Ipumbu of running a two-monkey show.
Tuhafeni was one of the commissars who joined the party when it was formed and is number 8 on the party list.
Tuhafeni was suspended last week and he said that the party informed him about the decision of Saturday.
In the letter of suspension, the party’s president who is also the commander-in-chief Epafras Mukwiilongo said Tuhafeni seizes to be a member of the party on the day he received the letter.
In an interview with Eagle FM Monday, Tuhafeni, who is a taxi driver in Windhoek, said the party has no structures and that he asked for transparency and was suspended.
According to Tuhafeni, Ipumbu takes advantage of Mukwiilongo’s poor English to decide everything for the commander-in-chief.
“Kalimbo is everything. He is the vice president, the treasurer, the party spokesperson and decision-maker. He is the youth league and the woman’s league. He is everything. Even the decision to suspend me is from Kalimbo. He decides everything for the party,” Tuhafeni said.
Tuhafeni said the problem started when the two went to parliament and they did not want to call for meetings or even a congress.
In January, Tuhafeni said, he asked them what the way forward was but they said they could not call for a meeting because of Covid-19.
“When they want a meeting, they will say let us meet in Oshakati and we have to use our own money to get there,” Tuhafeni said, adding that he then vented his frustrations on the party’s WhatsApp group.
“I posted my grievances on the WhatsApp group and they said I exposed the party to the group but the groups is for the party. They suspended me for saying the party is not family and I said the party must not be a two-monkey show. They are the only signatories to the party’s account.”
Tuhafeni said he is going to appeal the decision which he said was taken by Shangula alone and not by the central command as they claim because there is no such thing in the party.
Mukwiilongo confirmed that the letter was genuine and when asked about Tuhafeni’s claims, he said he would call Eagle FM Tuesday.
He, however, said Tuhafeni was asking for money and that the party cannot give him money because money is for those who work.

Wonder Guchu

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