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More than 40 Swapo members gather for Okatana primary elections

The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters’ (NEFF) lawmaker, Kalimbo Iipumbu, said Covid-19 regulations seem to apply only to non-Swapo members after more than 40 attended the primary regional ane council elections at Okatana in Oshana region.

In a statement, Iipumbu said: “These regulations seem to be a form of protecting the interest of the Swapo party only. Weddings and funerals over the weekend were stories to tell as the police were dispersing the gatherings.”

He further said the meeting held in Oshana region in Okatana constituency was attended by 46 people.

“Can the Swapo party explain this behaviour. We had witnessed grooms being arrested and in this instance, Swapo holds its meetings left and right, and apparently in Oshana region, meetings of the Swapo party are conducted without applying the regulations. This has raised serious concern as we had been advocating for adhering to these regulations as set,” he said.

According to Iipumbu, among those who attended is Honourable Rosalia Shilenga of Okatana constituency.

Shilenga, however, said she had not attended the meeting.

Iipumbu added that the police in the region had been informed but nothing happened.

“This is a very serious matter that needs to be addressed and re-addressed,” he said in the statement.

Meanwhile, some unhappy Swapo party members in Oshana have expressed dissatisfaction over the outcome of the Okatana constituency elections for candidates of the regional and local authority elections saying that more than 40 members attended, breaking Covid-19 regulations.

The latest litany of regulations recently imposed over the whole country stipulates that gatherings should not be above 10 people.

A Swapo official who declined to be identified for fear of victimization said the party President, Hage Geingob and Secretary-General Sophia Shaningwa should declare the elections null and void.

President Geingob was also asked at a Covid-19 press conference how parties would go about campaigning given the regulations to which he agreed that they should be innovative and leverage on social media.

Meanwhile, the Okatana election results are as follows: Edmund Iishuwa (27 votes), Andreas Henock (21 votes), Petrus Ashipala (17 votes), Jona Kasheeta (10 votes), Basilius Iitula (6 votes), Festus Iipinge (6 votes) and Andrew Neembenge (5 votes).

The source added that the Oshana region has been conducting meetings as of late were more the 10 people have been present.

“Why is it that they are harming people like that? The President and SG must nullify these elections,” the source told Eagle FM over the phone.

Meanwhile, the latest elections in Okatana come as a re-run after the leadership nullified elections held last week Sunday after it was found a councillor had irregularly voted.




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