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Kavihuha speaks on PG Imalwa’s tenure in office

Unionist Kavihuha Mahongora has summed up the long reign of Prosecutor General Martha Imalwa as good for politicians and bad for citizens.
With her position now advertised, Imalwa faces the exit door amid heavy criticism that she sat on documents, protected politicians and was very politically exposed to execute her duties without any fear or favour.
The PG has vehemently refuted these allegations calling for anyone with proof to come forward.
If she is to exit, Imalwa will leave behind a legacy of mixed signals on how she executed her prosecutorial duties which saw convictions in the Avid case, her own admission that the GIPF money is lost as well as a zero prosecution in the SME Bank scandal.
Imalwa has been accused by Mahongora for throwing away cases on allegations that witnesses have either died or disappeared.

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