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It’s not about who becomes mayor – Kahungu cautions opposition

As Local Authority Councilors brace to be sworn in this week, outgoing city of Windhoek mayor, Fransina Kahungu, has cautioned opposition parties that are dithering with the question of who is to be the next mayor for the municipality.
Kahungu has said councillors must apply their minds on the character and competence of whoever is to be handed the mayoral reigns first.
“If you do not have much of the inside information you would love to be a mayor thinking that since you are the principal head of that institution you will make your decisions, which is not the case. For me, the mayoral position is secondary.
First and primary is service delivery. All I want honourable councillors to concentrate on is how can we possibly and to the best of our ability to provide services. I cannot say everything but what I want to happen is, let us give the mayoral position to a capable person. To a political party which will not run the affairs of their council (in their favour),” she stressed.
The mayor has in the meantime said the Local Authority election results came to her as a shock.
The Swapo party fell from 12 seats to only five with the IPC trailing behind with four, the LPM and AR with two and the PDM with one.

Wonder Guchu

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