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Hatuikulipi tells ACC impounded car is owned by bank

Fish-rot accused, Tamson Hatuikulipi, has written to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Director-General, Paulus Noa, informing him that the Mercedes Benz SL 65AMG which the corruption watch-dog seized is owned by a bank.
Hatuikulipi has also hit at ACC spokesperson Josephine Nghituwamata saying contrary to her notification to the media that the vehicle had been seized on the 24th of October, it had actually been taken a day before.
He said the vehicle is currently subject to a higher purchase agreement with the bank and has questioned how the seizure of this vehicle would aid the ACC in its investigations.
Tamson has also said that there is no affidavit in support of the ACC search warrant as per Section 22 (3) of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act 8 of 2003.
He has also said that the event of the seizure of the vehicle was turned into a “true circus spectacle” as the police cordoned off an unoccupied home at Unit 2.1 Erf 478 Langstrand, Walvis Bay to seize “an unused vehicle”.
“This amazing investigation technique and waste of police resources astounds even the most blatant legal practitioner and thinking of the members of the public,” he says.
Hatuikulipi’s letter further reveals that Nelius Becker, from the National Forensic Science Institute, was heavily involved in the operation as he claims that he called his wife informing her that Noa was looking for the key to the car.
He says that the seizure of the vehicle was done in such a manner as to show “the apparent investigative ingenuity of the ACC”.
Meanwhile, it has been 12 months now since the arrest and incarceration of Hatuikulipi.
He has challenged the ACC to prosecute “lawyers who laundered funds through trust accounts.”
Instead, the ACC, according to him, is engaged in “cheap publicity stunts to divert public attention from the real issues burning in the public interest”.

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