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Tuhafeni was suspended for asking for money – Ipumbu

The NEFF national coordinator Kalimbo Ipumbu has denied the accusation that he holds every position in the party.

The NEFF was formed in 2014 and did not get any seat that year.

Last year, however, the party picked up two seats in parliament. These are occupied by Ipumbu and Epaphras Mukwiilongo, who is the commander-in-chief.

The accusation was made by Jason Tuhafeni who was suspended last week.

Tuhafeni letter of suspension does not outline why the party suspended him apart from saying that he has 14 days to appeal the decision.

He has, however, said that he does agree with the decision because the organ that is said to have decided to suspend him does not exist.

Ipumbu said Tuhafeni was suspended because he was asking for money while the party was planning for the forthcoming elections.

Tuhafeni also said that Ipumbu and Epaphras Mukwiilongo did not want to hold any congress to elect new leadership.

According to Ipumbu, Tuhafeni cannot ask for a congress when there are no branches to speak of.

He further said the NEFF is affiliated to other parties in the region and if they are going to hold a congress, those parties should attend.

This, he said, was not happening because of Covid-19 that has seen borders closed.

Ipumbu, however, said there is no way someone can come into a house and ask to destroy and rebuild it.

He also accused those who left the party of influencing Tuhafeni.



Wonder Guchu

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