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Father says he received SMSes about the shallow grave in the desert

The father of Shanon Wasserfall, who went missing in April this year, has told Eagle FM that an anonymous person sent him a message about the human remains in Walvis Bay said to be that of his missing daughter.
Tega Matheus said the text messages, which he had since sent to the police, had informed him that his daughter was buried in a shallow grave in the harbour town’s dunes.
The police followed up on the anonymous tip and discovered the body in a shallow grave, with clothes matching the description of items Shannon had on when she went missing.
Matheus said the family is battling to deal with the news of the discovery, as it awaits final confirmation from an autopsy on the identity of the remains.
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Police inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga said he did not give the Erongo police permission to release details about the body found in a shallow grave in the desert on Tuesday.
Erongo police put out a statement linking the discovered bones to Shannon Wasserfall who disappeared in April this year.
Social media went ablaze with the story soon after, with some outlets saying that the police were close to closing the Shannon case after the discovery of the grave and the bones.
In the statement, the police said the clothes found could be that of Shannon.
Erongo detective inspector Daniel Gurirab told Eagle FM Tuesday evening that he was not sure the family had been informed of the discovery of the grave and the bones.
Ndeitunga said he was made to understand that the investigation would be done under the radar.

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