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Bank of Namibia goes ‘hunting’ rhinos

The Bank of Namibia assisted the Save The Rhino Trust through a donation of N$480 000 to the operations of the NGO in continuing the protection of one the most protected rhino species in the world.
The CEO of the trust, Simson Uri-khob said that they experience challenges in terms of the vast area that has to be covered by the rangers that his trust employs. These rangers, according to him, stay extensive amounts of time in the wild to ensure the safety of this indigenous black rhino that is unique to Namibia and parts of South Africa.
The donation amount will go to paying for the salaries and bonuses of the rangers.
At the low key event, held at the head office of the institution, the Deputy Governor, Ebson Uanguta indicated that the funds for the donation were generated by an auction of the commemorative N$ 30 note, that is currently in circulation. The auction was directed at the international monetary trading markets who, according to him, was very welcoming of the note.
The deputy governor said that this note can be deemed as a collector’s note that showcases the three presidents of Namibia on the note, accompanied by the portrait of a Black Rhino on the note.
Uanguta indicated that the limited edition celebrated the country’s 30-year independence and started circulating since late October.

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