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ACC going for the jugular against Fishrot accused

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Director-General Paulus Noa has said that it is presently unclear how many more fishrot linked properties are owned by the accused persons.
Over the weekend, the corruption watch-dog seized a top of the range vehicle owned by one of the accused, Tamson Hatuikulipi.
“You may hear of another property that will be very soon seized. This is new information. Investigations depend on new information. When you do not have new information as in who possesses what or where a certain thing is hidden then you will end up not really doing as much as you wanted to do in terms of recovering all the assets that are linked to the subject of investigation,” he said.
While the latest seizure may point to an attempt by the accused to hide their properties, Noa wouldn’t comment on whether this can be interpreted to be obstruction of justice, and therefore an offence.
The recently seized vehicle was not among the properties that had been declared by Hatuikulipi, but Noa wouldn’t also go into how they managed to find out about this particular vehicle.
Noa expressed frustration on the deadline to the prosecution by the court, ordering them to wrap up for investigation.
“We have to put pieces together as to what we can lay our hands-on and give it to the Prosecutor General so that come that time she will come up with something that will convince the court that yes, a particular decision has been taken. It does not mean that we will cover every piece of evidence even outside the border of the country. That we are not in a position to do at this very early stage. Let us be honest with each other,” he said.
Noa said it will be too early to measure how much ground has been covered by the ACC because “information is still coming up”.

Wonder Guchu

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