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Otjipupa Investment Group Donates Mattresses to Okorosave and Orumana Hostels

By:Uakutura Kambaekua
Otjipupa Investment Group, through the Vita Royal House and the Otjikako Traditional Authority, has donated 100 mattresses to Okorosave Primary School and Otjerunda Combined School on Wednesday.
This was part of its commitment to social development in the Kunene region.
The two traditional authorities handed over their donations to the regional education directorate, with each school getting 50 mattresses.
Ben Kapi, Secretary of Vita Royal House, stated that while the contribution is insufficient to cover all boarders, it will improve the learners’ living conditions until additional donations are secured.
He said the two schools approached their offices not long ago, prompting them to seek help from Otjipupa Investment Group, which previously funded different projects in the region, including farmers’ unions.
According to Kahevee Kavari, Principal of Okorosave Primary School, the mattresses will allow them to accommodate at least a few boarders while they solicit for further donations.Though insufficient, he believes the donation will have an impact.
Kavari explained the school primarily serves the historically marginalised group, which is unable to meet the government halfway owing to the socio-economic circumstances.
“Parents cannot really afford these items due to the high poverty rate in the area and the area is stricken by persistent drought,” he said.

“Okoroasave does not have a government hostel or a community hostel that is subsidised. Right now, we have a community hostel where parents give money that we use to buy stuff like meals,’ he pointed out.
Kavari further encouraged the government to build a suitable subsidised hostel that would provide adequate lodging for learner and a conducive learning environment.
Okorosave Primary School has 223 pupils and nine teachers.
Jockbeth Kahambundu, Principal of Orumana Combined School, also expressed her thanks, saying that the efforts of Otjipupa Investment Group and the two traditional authorities should not be go unnoticed.
Recently, the Orumana Combined school hostel was featured on different social media sites, with students sleeping on the floor and beds without mattresses. Kahambundu said the donation has helped them in their time of need.
“Parents cannot afford it because we know that things are now expensive,” she explained, adding that the school still requires 295 more mattresses.
Orumana CS has 733 learners, 661 of them are hostel boarders, including 26 staff members.

Uakutura Kambaekua

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