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Katima Mulilo Becomes First Town To Offer Free Wi-Fi

By:Fransina Nghidengwa
Katima Mulilo became one of the first towns in the country to offer free WiFi to its residents.
This comes after Mobile Telecommunications (MTC) and Katima Mulilo Town Council signed a memorandum of understanding on the provision of free public WiFi to the Katima Mulilo town on Monday.
The town’s mayor, Lister Shamalaza said that the agreement paves the way to the realisation of the vision of the town by harnessing the power of improved information communicationtechnology.
Shamalaza said the introduction of free WiFi is a game changer and it is the only town in country to provide free WiFi to the residents.
“The free WiFi will empower our residents and visitors with convenient access to the digital world,” he said.
The Mayor further said the initiative opens doors of opportunity to the youth particularly for those that have been financially constrained from accessing essential educational resources.Now with the free WiFi they can conduct their research, broaden their knowledge and unlock their potential, he said.
He added that the proven ICT infrastructure will enhance tourism experiences in Katima Mulilo and the visitors will have the privilege of smooth connectivity during their stay, enabling them to share their experiences, engage with local businesses, and access information about the rich cultural heritage of the town and region.
“This digital transformation will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of the Katima Mulilo tourism sector and establish the town as a sought after destination,” he said.
The signing of the memorandum, he said, represents a collaborative effort towards achieving shared objectives and encompasses a wide range of areas, including MTC’s digital payment methods.
“Katima Mulilo, as a border town, having free community WiFi, will play a pivotal role in attracting and assisting tourists with better services,” statedElton Katangol, MTC’s General Manager for Product and Enterprise Solutions.

Fransina Nghidengwa

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