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Celebrating Women

By:Dr Ester Kali
In today’s ever-evolving world, women continue to break barriers and shatter glass ceilings in various leadership roles.
As society embraces the importance of diversity and inclusivity, women leaders are emerging as -paragons of empowering leadership.
Through unwavering commitment and effective leadership, these extraordinary women illuminate a path for others, inspiring them to pursue their dreams while also honouring their roles as mothers.
True leadership is not about outshining everyone but about enabling others to reach their full potential. As a CEO, mother, and active participant in society I hold that finding harmony between these roles is essential for success.
By embracing the challenges of balancing personal and professional responsibilities, we can set an example for others, showing them that being a leader is not just about making decisions, but also about fostering growth, inclusivity, and empowering those around us.
Together, we can craft a world where women are celebrated and equipped to rise and lead confidently, making a lasting impact on society.
In order to safely encourage and offer a greater range of decision-making and growth experiences, one of the most important tools for a leader of leaders is re-examining boundaries and assessing risk.
Sometimes when leaders receive feedback to “empower more,” they swing the pendulum too far by being too hands off.
Being a CEO and mother stands as a testament to the significance of finding balance amidst responsibilities. Leading a successful organisation while raising a family is not an easy task, but an approach should be with dedication and poise.
Understand that striking a harmonious balance requires setting clear priorities and boundaries, both in the workplace and at home. By delegating tasks, leveraging technology, and fostering a supportive work environment, we must create space for personal and professional growth.
As an ardent advocate for empowering women within the organisation and beyond, I actively champion gender diversity and equal opportunities for career advancement.
I strive to cultivate an inclusive workplace that nurtures talent irrespective of gender. Through mentorship, I inspire aspiring women leaders to surmount obstacles and challenges, fostering a culture of collaboration and support.
Empowering women not only propels individual careers but also contributes to a more progressive and innovative society.
According to Daisy Dowling (2017), as in any business, having a defined mission and clear goals enable you to set priorities, align resources, measure success, and be confident you’re on the right path.
Every working parent is different. Your vision might be to “grow this business at double digit rates while spending two hours a day with kids” or “make partner while ensuring children grow into healthy, self-sufficient adults” or “save enough to cover college while never missing a soccer game,” or something else entirely.
But whatever it consists of, having that view gives you the feeling of being in the driver’s seat and gives you confidence in your daily decisions.
Motherhood has taught me not to fear the unknown but instead embrace the journey of learning on the go. Enjoy the fulfilling feeling of “figuring it out” and use that energy and motivation to tackle the next challenge!
For me, being a mother and a CEO at the same time was all unknown territory. But as I began to meet and exceed one milestone at a time, that momentum and empowerment continued to build.
Impactful leadership extends far beyond the walls of many organisations. True leadership lies in inspiring others to discover their potential and emerge as leaders themselves.
Through a visionary approach, encouraging your team to think beyond conventions, embrace risk-taking, and view failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.
By instilling a sense of purpose and shared values, uniting the team under a common mission, fostering a sense of belonging and dedication to collective success.
Central leadership is a philosophy of deep-rooted faith, which serves as a wellspring of inspiration. Faith is not limited to a religious context but encompasses a profound belief in the human spirit’s capacity to overcome challenges.
This faith instils hope and resilience within people, enabling everyone to navigate difficult situations with grace and determination. Through actions, you encourage your team to find their sources of inspiration, whether from faith, personal values, or the world around them, fostering an environment where individuals can thrive authentically.
To sum it up, being a CEO and mother epitomises empowering leadership. Your commitment to balance, the empowerment of women, impactful leadership, and drawing inspiration from faith showcases the transformative potential of leadership in today’s world.
As more women leaders emerge, they pave the way for future generations, proving that embracing diverse roles and responsibilities is not only possible but also enriching and inspiring.
Through my journey, I encourage you to stand as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to embrace their unique paths with courage and determination.
Ester Kali is the CEO at Letshego Namibia

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